VMS Security Cloud

Power Supply Service and Repair

Let us do the work and ensure your miner stays up and running.

Our Process

Tear down

We start with an external diagnosis, plugging the power supply in and ensuring all three fans are operating properly.

Next, one of our Certified Bitmain Repair Technicians opens the Power Supply in order to visually inspect and replace any failed components.


Once inside the machine we clean the internal components with filtered, compressed air, removing any dust preventing proper airflow and cooling.

All heatsinks are lightly brushed to disturb any more dust on the surface that remains after the compressed air and are blown off again.


We will remove and replace worn-out fans on a need-to-be basis or upon specific request.

Every fan is replaced with brand new 40mm Nidec UltraFlo fans.

We also replace the fan grills so your unit looks factory new.


Why Choose Us?

US Based Company

VMS is proud to provide a Continental US based Bitmain Repair Facility.


Fast Service

Our team of experienced technicians at VMS are proud to provide quick turnaround times to get your machines back up and running.

Professional Technicians

All VMS Security Cloud Repair Technicians are Bitmain factory trained to repair your Bitmain Antminer machine.

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