Antminer Dual Fan Duct Vent Shroud


Antminer DR5 S11 S15 T15 S17 T17 S19 Z9 Z11 and any bitmain 2 fan models

Double fan duct Shroud 6 inch

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Cryptocurrency ASIC Miner Fan Shroud FOR DOUBLE FAN ASIC

Features and further details
Fits 120X120mm fans: This fan muffler fits most ASIC miners with double fan design
Possible Noise Reduction: Our personal tests have been favorable. We have been using the 120×120 version fan shroud on our Bitmain Antminer S9s for months in our warehouse with no issues. So much depends on the results of noise reduction. Somethings to consider are: Configuration, Heat management, firmware on the ASIC, overclocking, etc. We cannot guarantee these results on each and every configuration of a miner.
Package Includes: This item includes your order made of PLA plastic. No electronics nor mechanics are involved. This item is delivered ready to use.
Special Considerations: We have found the stock fan screws provided on the miner are sufficient to install the shroud on top of the stock fan. In rare instances, you may need to purchase longer screws on your own.
Returns: Returns are accepted within 15 days of delivery. Returns are not accepted if the item is modified, broken, dirty, not in original packaging.
Manufacturing: These items are made-to-order using 3d printing technology. It may be normal to notice glue stick residue or slightly rough surfaces. This does not affect the performance of the design. Please allow a few days to prepare, manufacture, and ship your order.

may come in color gray or black

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