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Hashboard Repair

Our goal is not to only sell crypto machines, but to also give our customers a United States based Bitmain Antminer repair shop.

Our Process


Miners run at farms are notorious for existing in harsh environments

We visually inspect hashboards for loose or missing heatsinks, capacitors and connectors.  From there we can better diagnose the potential problems preventing the board from hashing.


We clean each hashboard of debris and plug them into our ASIC Tester which we sell here.  Next, we flash the boards EEPROM, or electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, which reprograms the board. 

After a sucessful flash, we can run a test to give us a read out of how many chips the board is reporting working.  If a board fails this test then it moves along to a more instensive repair process.


The boards with missing heatsinks and other components are soldered and reset.  The boards not reporting all their chips are placed in a special oven designed for reseating the connections on the boards.

Every board and failure case is different and our team of Certified Bitmain Repair Technicians are seasoned in the diagnosis and repair of hashboards.


Feel free to send us your machine(s), or hashboard(s). We will analyze your equipment at no charge.
We will reach out via email with our thoughts and recommendations.
After recieving approval, we will then move your equipment to our Bitmain-Certified repair / diagnostic team.
After repair, we reassemble your machine, auto-tune and test it overnight at no charge.

**Standalone boards without a miner will be burned in overnight in a test rig.**

Why Choose Us?

US Based Company

VMS is proud to provide a Continental US based Bitmain Repair Facility.


Fast Service

Our team of experienced technicians at VMS are proud to provide quick turnaround times to get your machines back up and running.

Professional Technicians

All VMS Security Cloud Repair Technicians are Bitmain factory trained to repair your Bitmain Antminer machine.

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